To Tank or Not to Tank: What to Ask Your Charlotte Plumber about Your Water Heater

Category: Water Heaters

Generally, people don’t like to be cold, especially not in their own homes. That’s why they own heaters, blankets, socks, and water heaters. People also don’t like to spend more money than they have to, so they try to get the most efficient appliances that they can for their homes. And when it comes to […]

5 Tips To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running Properly

Category: Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are great for getting rid of unwanted leftovers, expired food, and discarded peels, but many homeowners tend to take this handy kitchen system for granted. Many homeowners don’t give a second thought to their garbage disposal system until it becomes clogged, or something goes wrong with the system in general. The simple truth […]

Repairing a Leaking Faucet Saves Money

Category: Plumbing Repairs

One common plumbing problem that people often ignore is a leaking faucet. A leaky faucet can be a constant source of annoyance and frustration. Instead of tolerating this inconvenience, the best thing that you can do is hire a professionally licensed plumber for assistance. In Charlotte, the most highly skilled and experienced plumbers are at […]

7 Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Category: Water Heaters

Over the last 10 years tankless water heaters have grown in popularity with homeowners across Charlotte. Many homeowners are experiencing the advantages of tankless water heaters over traditional tank units. If you are in the market for a water heater it’s important that you understand why a tankless water heater may be a wise choice […]

Common Kitchen Faucet Problems Faced by Charlotte Residents

If you are dealing with problems with your kitchen faucet, you and your family are suffering needlessly. Your kitchen faucet is essential to your most important everyday tasks. When you and your family cook in the kitchen, it is imperative that you have a fully-functional faucet in order to conduct the task and to clean […]

Are Clogged Drains Causing Unexplained Odors In Your Home?

Category: Drain Cleaning

We heard a story once about how a lady had gotten married and had just had her baby. The family had moved into a home in the Charlotte area. It was some time after the family had moved in that the mom began to comment to her husband about a smell she couldn’t locate. The […]

Avoiding Clogged Pipes Takes A Little Care

Category: Drain Cleaning

Most drain clogs form in the traps of pipes located in toilets, sinks, or bathtubs and are easily dislodged with a plunger, a hand auger, or liquid chemicals. Clogged pipes in Charlotte are never fun, but you can avoid most instances of them if you keep the following things in mind. Keeping the drain pipes […]

Pride in Plumbing at W.H. Hobbs, Inc. – Dishwasher Installations

You are #1 in our book! We ensure that our work is quality, high grade workmanship with the customer’s highest standards always in mind. We also provide after hour services for our established customers. Hobb’s Plumbing has been installing dishwashers as a part of our plumbing business since 1920. When you call our Charlotte Plumbing […]

Leak Detection within Your Belmont Plumbing System

There are a variety of different things that can go wrong with your Belmont plumbing system, but one of the most common plumbing problems are leaky pipes. The plumbing system of your Belmont home is made up several different pipes, connectors and drains that have to work together in order for your home’s plumbing to […]

Common Lake Norman Water Heater Repairs

Category: Water Heaters

A hot water heater is one of the biggest appliances in your home, and it requires the attention of a professional to conduct Lake Norman water heater repairs. Attempting to repair your hot water heater on your own is not only bad for you the appliance, but it can be dangerous to your family and […]

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