Pineville Drain Cleaning Services

We put a lot of stuff besides water down our drains, from moisturizers to paper products. Even hard water can build scaling that narrows your pipes and makes clogs more likely. Need some help with drain cleaning in Pineville, NC? W.H. Hobbs has skilled plumbers who can root out the issue and clear things up in a jiffy.

If you’re tired of trying store-bought products that never fully work, let our Pineville drain cleaning experts save the day!

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Home & Commercial Drain Cleaning in Pineville, NC

Whether you have standing water or just a slow-clearing drain that fills up when you use it, it needs a thorough cleaning. W.H. Hobbs has cleared thousands of clogged drains in the Pineville area over the years, so we know what to look for.

We use natural enzyme-based clog removers, hydro jets, plumbing augers, and other professional-quality methods of drain cleaning. As licensed plumbers in Pineville, we can dig deep to clean and repair main line and sewer pipe problems, such as infiltrated tree roots and broken pipes.

Our Pineville drain cleaning services are perfect for:

  • Toilets, bathtubs, and shower drains
  • Sinks and garbage disposals
  • Sewer main lines and drains
  • Drain vents
  • Rain leader drains
  • Sump pump drain lines and ejector pumps
  • Grease traps
  • RV holding tanks
  • Boat holding tanks
  • And more

Pineville Drain Cleaning: Dos and Don’ts

We do recommend some DIY drain cleaning methods that might work:

  • Try running ice cubes and citrus peels through a clogged garbage disposal.
  • Use liquid drain cleaner only once; don’t keep pouring more corrosive chemicals into the pipes.
  • Baking soda solutions may work for small clogs.
  • Gently use flat plungers for sinks and drains and flange plungers for toilets.

Still have an issue? Turn to a professional Pineville drain cleaning service and avoid these hazardous tactics:

  • Never use acid-based cleaners in plumbing.
  • Don’t pour fully boiling water down a clogged drain.
  • Don’t pour more water onto a standing drain; it doesn’t create enough pressure to relieve the blockage.
  • Don’t use aggressive force with a plunger, auger, or snake.

In short, if the standard home remedies aren’t enough, ask a Pineville plumber to check the pipes for damage and use professional drain cleaning techniques.

Why W.H. Hobbs for Drain Cleaning in Pineville?

We offer the experience and resources of a local plumber that’s been serving Mecklenburg County since 1920.

Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and certified experts in all kinds of home and commercial systems. Whether it’s a clogged toilet or a sewage backup at a restaurant, W.H. Hobbs will be there quickly with an effective solution for drain cleaning in Pineville.

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