Garbage Disposal Services in Ballantyne, NC


Add a much-needed convenience to your Ballantyne home with a new garbage disposal expertly installed by the friendly plumbers from W.H. Hobbs. You can put virtually any food scraps besides bones down today’s best sink disposals. We’ll help you repair or replace a disposer that has become clogged, leaky, or odorous, and we can also install garbage disposals in Ballantyne for sinks that don’t already have one.

W.H. Hobbs provides courteous and professional plumbing services in Ballantyne with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us to request an estimate for garbage disposal repair or installation in Ballantyne.

Ballantyne Plumbers for Garbage Disposal Repair

You can try a number of home remedies to clean a garbage disposal, including a baking soda and vinegar wash or running the disposal with citrus peels. However, you’ll want to ask a licensed plumber in Ballantyne for garbage disposal repairs if there’s a difficult clog, leaking pipe, or broken blade.

Taking the unit apart makes it much easier to fix a garbage disposal. Instead of staring down into the drain all weekend, ask W.H. Hobbs for garbage disposal repair in Ballantyne. Our plumbers will troubleshoot and repair the problem and leave you with a clean, strong, tightly sealed disposal.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Ballantyne, NC

We can add a garbage disposal to virtually any sink. The process usually takes just a couple of hours or less. Our Ballantyne customers enjoy helpful advice for choosing the best garbage disposal unit and a neat and tidy installation by our licensed plumbers.

Garbage disposals are rated by horsepower. Look for one with stainless steel components and noise-reducing features, then get the most powerful disposal that will fit under your sink.

Most garbage disposals last about 8 to 12 years. Heavy usage and being operated without enough running water can speed up the aging process. If it’s time to replace a garbage disposal in Ballantyne, our plumbers will help you get the best new unit and advise you about how to keep it running clean and strong.

Contact W.H. Hobbs for assistance with garbage disposal installation in Ballantyne to make this a quick and easy home improvement!

Ballantyne Plumbers for Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal repair and installation do not have to be overly expensive or complicated—if you have a knowledgeable plumber in Ballantyne from a company you trust.

Since 1920, the Charlotte area has trusted W.H. Hobbs Plumbing for honest service and the finest quality work. Whether you have a leaking or clogged sink disposal or wish to install a garbage disposal for the first time, expect fast and professional service in Ballantyne from our well-trained plumbers.