Garbage Disposal Services in Lake Norman, NC


Having trouble with a clogged or broken garbage disposal? Don’t risk sticking your own hand down the drain. W.H. Hobbs Plumbing can be there quickly for garbage disposal repair in the Lake Norman area. From nasty smells to slow-clearing drains or a disposer that won’t turn on at all, our Lake Norman plumbers will get things flowing smoothly again.

We also offer full garbage disposal replacement and installation services. Lake Norman homes need a solution for dealing with food scraps, especially if your trash collection only comes once a week.

To get an estimate for garbage disposal installation or to request a repair in Lake Norman, please contact us online or call 704-332-1119.

Replacing or Installing a Garbage Disposal in Lake Norman

A new garbage disposal should be installed by a licensed plumber to prevent leaks and other problems. In Lake Norman, there’s no sense trying to DIY this project when W.H. Hobbs can do it an hour or two for a low price!

Need a garbage disposal replacement at your Lake Norman home? We recommend going with a known manufacturer and selecting a model with stainless steel parts, a stronger motor, and quieter performance. Our plumbers will carefully remove the old garbage disposal unit and connect the new one with tight seals and connections.

W.H. Hobbs also offers garbage disposal installation to make cleaning duties more convenient. From the kitchen sink to the wet bar, adding a disposal to an existing sink will help you prevent odors, keep things sanitary, and avoid clogged drains.

Garbage Disposal Repair in Lake Norman

Fibrous and starchy foods can wrap around garbage disposal blades, impeding the performance and causing odors to build up. When plastic objects or silverware accidentally go through the garbage disposal, the blades might dull or break.

Our plumbers in Lake Norman, NC excel at troubleshooting a clogged or leaking garbage disposal. We might need to replace the gaskets, clean and straighten the blades, or perhaps replace a drain pipe under the sink.

If the garbage disposal motor has burned out, you should probably replace the entire unit. Rest assured, W.H. Hobbs will make an honest recommendation for the simplest, most affordable solution for garbage disposal repair in Lake Norman.

Lake Norman’s Trusted Plumbers

At W.H. Hobbs, Inc., our team of plumbing specialists has served the greater Charlotte area since 1920. We take pride in pleasing every customer with above-and-beyond service.

In Lake Norman, if you need help fixing a garbage disposal or want a top-rated garbage disposal installed by a licensed plumber, look no further than W.H. Hobbs. Contact us today!