Garbage Disposal Services in Pineville, NC


Do you find yourself going out to restaurants just because you don’t want to deal with all the clean-up of cooking at home? W.H. Hobbs can help by installing a garbage disposal in your Pineville home or repairing the old one that you avoid using!

Our Pineville plumbers can fix a jammed garbage disposal and get rid of seemingly permanent odors. If you need a new or replacement disposer, we’ll help you choose one that fits perfectly under the sink and provides enough power to take care of whatever food scraps you want to throw at it.

Contact us today to request garbage disposal repair in Pineville, NC, or to get an estimate for installation.

Tips for Garbage Disposal Repair

If you notice a rotting smell or there’s standing water because your garbage disposal does not grind well enough, first try running very cold water down the drain. You might think hot water cleans best, but you need cold water to harden the grease and food clogs so they’ll release from the blades. In fact, many Pineville homeowners swear by grinding ice cubes and lemon peels in the garbage disposal.

Ask W.H. Hobbs for help if you still have a clogged garbage disposal that needs repair in Pineville. We can safely clean the blades, check for clogs in the drain pipe, and tighten all fittings and connections to get things grinding and flowing properly.

Garbage Disposal Installation or Replacement

Installing a garbage disposal means altering the plumbing below your sink. In Pineville, we offer garbage disposal installation by licensed plumbers who can do the job quickly—so you can get on with your day—while also ensuring it’s set up for a decade or more of reliable use.

Before buying a new garbage disposer, take measurements under the sink to make sure your new one will fit. Look for stainless steel blades and motors of 3/4 horsepower or more, if you have the space. Feel free to ask us for advice! We’ll be happy to help with garbage disposal installation in Pineville.

You’ll know it’s time for a garbage disposal replacement if:

  • Your garbage disposal still smells after thorough cleaning
  • It’s out of warranty and needs a new motor
  • The disposer clogs every time you use it
  • It can’t handle most food scraps
  • A cheaper garbage disposal is more than 10 years old, or more than 15 years old for premium models

Garbage Disposal Plumbers in Pineville, NC

A poorly installed garbage disposal can wreak havoc on your kitchen plumbing. Make sure yours is ready for action with help from W.H. Hobbs, the company that’s been serving the Pineville area for nearly 100 years.

We offer garbage disposal repair in Pineville for any home or commercial model. For a replacement or new disposal installation, our plumbers will work quickly but carefully to complete the task with the utmost quality.