Garbage Disposal Services in Waxhaw, NC


With proper installation and maintenance, a garbage disposal lasts for more than a decade while improving daily life at your Waxhaw home. You can clean up quickly after dinner, keep smelly food from lingering in the trash, and prevent your plumbing from getting clogged.

W.H. Hobbs has the plumbing specialists you need for garbage disposal repairs as well as a replacement or new garbage disposal installation in Waxhaw, NC. Our customers enjoy fast service, competitive pricing, and the peace of mind that comes with hiring a local plumbing company that’s been around since 1920!

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Signs You Need to Repair a Garbage Disposal

Sometimes running the garbage disposal for a few minutes with flowing cold water can take care of an odor or drainage issue. However, it’s also possible that the motor or blades need repair or that the drain pipes themselves are clogged.

Ask our Waxhaw plumbers for garbage disposal repair if the equipment won’t turn on whatsoever or if the motor runs but the blades don’t turn. If you’ve tried DIY remedies for garbage disposal repair but the clog or odor persists, let an experienced plumber get to the bottom of the issue.

Garbage Disposal Installation in Waxhaw, NC

Living without a garbage disposal can be frustrating if your previous home had one. You get quite accustomed to putting food scraps down the disposal because it’s so convenient!

W.H. Hobbs provides expert-level service for garbage disposal installation in Waxhaw. We know how to add the equipment underneath the sink, even if there’s little space and we need to work around the other pipes.

We recommend stainless steel garbage disposals that are the most powerful size available for your budget and space restraints. Ask our plumbers in Waxhaw for help choosing the best garbage disposal for your needs.

Replacing a Garbage Disposal

As you can imagine, it’s easier (and often cheaper) to replace an entire garbage disposal when the motor has broken, or all the parts have gotten old. W.H. Hobbs can take care of a garbage disposal replacement in Waxhaw in about an hour.

If your old garbage disposal has become unbearably loud, unreliable, or plagued with rotten smells, say goodbye to it with some help from our Waxhaw plumbers!

Why W.H. Hobbs for Garbage Disposals in Waxhaw?

Garbage disposals need to be repaired and installed by licensed plumbers for the best results; an amateur job can result in smelly leaks and expensive damage. In Waxhaw, you can trust W.H. Hobbs, Inc. for fast and honest service by plumbers who care about your happiness.

We send highly experienced professionals to your Waxhaw home who are courteous and professional throughout the project. We’ll answer your questions, work quickly, and pay attention to detail, so your garbage disposal runs smoothly and reliably long after we leave.