Are Clogged Drains Causing Unexplained Odors In Your Home?


We heard a story once about how a lady had gotten married and had just had her baby. The family had moved into a home in the Charlotte area.

It was some time after the family had moved in that the mom began to comment to her husband about a smell she couldn’t locate. The odor seemed to come and go and would transfer itself around the house to where she couldn’t pin point what was causing it.

One day she smelled it in her nursery, another day in the kitchen, another day it seemed to come from the bathroom. Every time she smelled the odor, it seemed to be getting a little worse. She would spend quite a bit of time trying to hunt down the problem.

One day, the odor came on strong while she was in the baby’s nursery. She at first thought the smell was caused by a dying rodent of some kind, like a mouse or rat, so she looked and looked in the room, checking in and under, behind, and above everything, but couldn’t find a problem. The odor was more than just a dirty diaper, it smelled like something was dying and decomposing in the home.

Well, this had gone on for some weeks before she decided that the odor was fading and that it must be a rat in the wall where she couldn’t find it. But the next day, such a noxious, foul odor was in the home that it made her physically sick.

That’s when the husband stepped in and tried to find the problem, but he failed to figure it out as well. The family suffered from time to time with the bad smells and were really embarrassed when friends or family came over. That is until one day a close friend told them what they thought the problem was.

The friend was correct, the putrid smells were coming from the home’s sewer system. In fact, it was a clogged drain pipe for their wastewater that had food and other matter putrefying in it.

Food particles, organic matter, hair, and other substances can create horrendous odors in your sewer system. And even though most homes have the proper plumbing ventilation to route sewer odors to the outside, a clogged drain will most often cause terrible smells to go right back up your pipes and into your home.

Methane is a byproduct of organic waste deterioration. All organic material will decompose, and when it does it produces methane. Sewer gas is a complex mixture of gases that are produced by decomposing organice or industrial wastes.

The gas may include methane as mentioned, but can also consist of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides -all very toxic.

This odor is natures way of telling us to get the problem taken care of or it can hurt you. Breathing in toxic air can make you very, very sick and in worse cases can cause death.

If you have an odor in your home that you can’t explain, it’s probably coming from your plumbing. If you call on us here at W.H. Hobbs Inc., we’ll locate the clog and get it cleared out for you fast. We are fully skilled, licensed and insured, and offer 24/7 emergency services.

Don’t wait until the air in your home becomes toxic. Give our Charlotte Drain Cleaning service a call and we’ll clean up the mess for you.

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