Tips for Keeping Your Charlotte Kitchen Drains Flowing Freely


It’s easy to take our home plumbing for granted since it usually serves us so well and with so few problems. When plumbing problems do arise, they can be much more than an inconvenience. Water can be a destructive force, even a drop at a time, promoting the growth of dangerous molds and mildews, rotting wood and damaging the structure. It pays to take care of your plumbing and take some routine actions to ensure that your plumbing continues to take good care of you. Here are several Charlotte drain cleaning steps you can take before calling your plumbing contractor.

Kitchen plumbing takes a lot of abuse considering that variety of stuff we tend to put down the kitchen sink drain. Many think that with a disposer unit that anything goes, assuming that it will effectively grind any food material enough for it to wash down the drain and away successfully. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case as any Charlotte homeowner who has tried to dispose of large quantities of potato peelings or chicken skins can readily tell you. Do not put these items or other stringy, fibrous, hard-to grind items such as banana peels, onion skins, celery strings, or carrot skins, into the garbage disposer – discard them in the trash can instead or, even better, compost them to use for natural fertilizer for your plants and gardens.

Additionally, do not pour melted grease down the drain. Grease will congeal again very quickly and can either clog the drain quickly or build up over time making the water drain slowly until it clogs the drain completely. Allow liquid grease to congeal in the pan then wipe it out with a paper towel and throw it away in the trash can.

Follow these suggestions to keep your Charlotte kitchen plumbing working as it should to avoid the inconvenience and expense of plumbing problems in the future.

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