Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters to Charlotte Residents

The main benefit of a tankless water heater is that it does not have to continually heater water which has been stored within a tank. This can save Charlotte residents up to 25% on your water heating bills in comparison to a conventional tank unit. They are also able to provide the homeowner with a continuous supply of hot water without running out, which happens with tank water heaters.

Another reason for its increasing popularity is that the tankless water heater models are quite compact which saves the homeowner space. They are so compact because they do not require a large tank in order to store water. You can also mount these heating appliances onto the wall which can save you valuable floor space within a store cupboard, or anywhere else within your home.

You can also set the desired temperature of the hot water required. Depending on the model you buy, this can be set by using a remote control device. The main reason why you want this feature is to run a bath at the preferred temperature for children and babies. It is of course advisable to always test the water first even though you have set the correct temperature. Setting the hot water to a desired temperature also means that children will be less likely to scold themselves when using the hot water tap.

As this is an on-demand unit, you will notice a reduction in your utility bills as this unit will not be constantly keeping a tank of water hot. With a possible 25% saving on your bills, you could end up paying for your new water heater within 4 years of owning it. As this unit does not have a tank, they tend to last much longer.

Another benefit to a tankless models is that they help to save the environment. They produce about 25% less carbon emissions than a conventional 40 gallon gas appliance. Discuss the options with your local plumbing contractor.

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