Why Charlotte Tankless Water Heaters Are Popular?


Tankless water heaters are gaining in popularity because they can instantly heat water as it flows through the device. They will not retain any water internally except for what is in the heat exchanger coil. These are often installed throughout the house at more than one point of use(POU). You will find them far from the central unit or some of the larger models can be use to meet all the requirements of a household. The main advantage to this type of heater is the continuous flow of hot water and the savings on energy.

Charlotte tankless water heater‘s turbine senses the flow and starts the heating process when there is a demand. The flow turbine will then send a signal to the control board which will look at multiple factors.It will look at the incoming water temperature,the desired water temperature as set on the temperature controller,and the calculated difference between the two temperatures. Depending upon what the calculated incoming and the desired temperatures are the gas or electric flow into the burner assembly is modulated and the electronic ignition sequence begins. Once the water is heated to the desired temperature it will circulate through the copper heat exchanger providing a continuous hot water. When the tap is turned off, tankless water heaters will shut down and go into a standby mode until it’s needed again.

Point of use tankless water heaters are located right where the water is being used which means that the it’s almost instantly hot.That also means a savings of this resource. A point of use tank will also save more energy than a centrally installed heater because there is no hot water left in the pipes after the water is shut off.

There are many advantages to using tankless water heaters in your home.As mentioned earlier the long term energy savings and the unlimited supply of hot water but there are more advantages to consider.There is less physical space that is required because they can be mounted on a wall or internally in a building’s structure. Even if the system can not be mounted on the wall a tankless heater will take up less space than a tank-type heater.Since no water is stored there is no risk of having water damage.

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