Common Lake Norman Water Heater Repairs


A hot water heater is one of the biggest appliances in your home, and it requires the attention of a professional to conduct Lake Norman water heater repairs. Attempting to repair your hot water heater on your own is not only bad for you the appliance, but it can be dangerous to your family and your home. Hot water heaters have been known to blow-up when repaired improperly.

When you notice your Lake Norman water heater is malfunctioning, you should call a professional immediately. The professional will then check your water heater for some of the most common repair problems.

The Pilot Light

A gas water heater has a pilot light that needs to be fully functional, or the entire system will not worry properly. A pilot light is a small gas flame that is constantly lit. It is the ignition source for your hot water heater. If you are turning the knob for hot water, but cold water is coming out, there might be a problem with your pilot light.

This is the most common problem with gas hot water heaters, but it is an easy fix. The pilot light simply needs to be relit, and this is something that a homeowner can do with a basic lighter and caution for safety.

If you find that your pilot light going out has become a reoccurring problem, you need to call a professional Lake Norman plumber. There could be another issue with your hot water heater that is causing your pilot light to malfunction. A professional plumber will be able to pin point the exact problem and repair it for you.

Strange Noises

When you notice your Lake Norman water heater is making strange noises, it is time for a professional repair service. There can be several different things that can be causing a hot water heater to make these strange noises, and all of these problems require the attention of an experienced plumber.

If you notice a strange noise emitting from your system, there could be mineral build-up inside your system. Hard water is made up of particles and minerals. When these minerals are not filtered from your water, they will corrode your appliances. A hot water heater should be turned up to at least 120 degrees to avoid mineral build-up inside the tank.

If you think your hot water heater has already been affected by mineral build-up, call a professional Lake Norman plumber immediately. They will be able to drain your water heater and remove the corrosion.

Water Temperature Problems

Even though your pilot light is lit, you might still have problems with you water temperature. For example, an electric hot water heater, the heating element might be out or in a gas water heater, the gas thermocouple is probably malfunctioning.

Thankfully, both of these are easy fixes for a professional plumber. A plumber will be able to replace either of these components and have your system fully function again.

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