Mint Hill Remodeling

A fresh update can make you love your home in Mint Hill even more. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling, or any work that involves moving pipes, should be handled by a licensed plumber with experience in remodeling. W.H. Hobbs has been serving Mecklenburg and Union County since 1920, and we have the unique combination of personalized service and fine craftsmanship that you need from a remodeling plumber in Mint Hill, NC.

We can help plan a remodel with proper plumbing so that everything else can fall into place neatly. You can also ask our Mint Hill remodeling plumbers to step in during a project to take care of specific tasks like faucet installation or rerouting pipes. Whatever you need from us, W.H. Hobbs will be there to provide the best plumbers for remodeling in the Mint Hill area.

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Remodel Plumbing Services in Mint Hill, NC

Whether you’re adding a downstairs master suite or simply installing a sink in the kitchen island, W.H. Hobbs will do the job with impeccable quality. Our licensed plumbers in Mint Hill take care of remodeling tasks such as:

  • Plumbing for a bathroom remodel
  • Plumbing for a kitchen remodel
  • Relocating plumbing or pipe rerouting
  • Extending water lines to rooms without plumbing
  • Installing a new sink, faucet, or instant hot water spout
  • Adding a garbage disposal
  • Plumbing for a wet bar
  • Rough-in plumbing
  • Moving a sewer line
  • Toilet replacement
  • And much more!

Licensed Plumbers in Mint Hill for Remodeling

Most plumbers spend their time on repairs, but many do not work on remodeling projects very often. At W.H. Hobbs, we love helping our customers in the gorgeous neighborhoods of Mint Hill when it comes to major renovations and home improvements.

Not only are we licensed and insured plumbers in North Carolina, but we are also longstanding members of the NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. Along with our sister companies in the Roby Family of Companies, we provide trusted and beloved services as the favorite remodelers in Mint Hill, NC.

Plan a Remodel with Our Mint Hill Plumbers

Once a remodel begins, you might be in a for a few surprises. Don’t let your project get derailed when you discover a corroded pipe under the sink or pipes behind a wall that you didn’t know were there. Our Mint Hill plumbers know what to expect from remodeling and how to plan ahead!

If you have already started your remodeling project, it’s not too late to benefit from the wisdom of W.H. Hobbs. We are always ready to inspect your plumbing, review the plans, and provide high-quality work for the final touches as your Mint Hill remodeling plumbers.