Plumbing Installations in Ballantyne

If it’s time to replace a sink or toilet, or you want a qualified remodeling plumber to install new appliances, count on W.H. Hobbs Plumbing for plumbing installations in Ballantyne, NC. We offer expert advice and skilled work by licensed plumbers. Our team makes it easy to get the plumbing upgrades you want and enjoy your home improvement right away.

W.H. Hobbs offers plumbing installation in Ballantyne for kitchen and bathroom renovations as well as replacements for pipes, drain lines, water heaters, and more. Our Ballantyne plumbers show up on time and prepared to deliver exceptional quality work.

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Our Ballantyne Plumbing Installations

Whether it’s new water supply pipes for a home addition or just a replacement for a leaky faucet, you need your new plumbing fixtures to look great and operate flawlessly. We are your plumbing installation contractor in Ballantyne for any replacements or upgrades at your home or business.

W.H. Hobbs installs all plumbing fixtures in Ballantyne, including:

  • Kitchen remodel plumbing
  • Bathroom remodel plumbing
  • Sink installation
  • Toilet installation
  • Water heater installation
  • Sewer line replacement
  • Bath and shower plumbing
  • Home addition plumbing
  • Finished basement plumbing
  • And more!

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When to Replace Plumbing in Ballantyne

While some plumbing issues can be resolved by replacing a copper fitting or repairing a leak, you should ask our Ballantyne plumbers to upgrade your old fixtures as they age out. Fixtures such as toilets and kitchen faucets tend to be more trouble than they are worth when they need repair because years of corrosion have probably damaged them inside.

Newer plumbing fixtures offer better energy-efficiency, water-efficiency, and modern style. If your home runs out of hot water for showers, we can install a tankless water heater for on-demand hot water.

Our Ballantyne plumbers can install a wet bar sink, plumbing for an outdoor kitchen, or any other new pipes and plumbing fixtures you need to customize your home.

Call W.H. Hobbs for Plumbing Installations in Ballantyne

As licensed plumbers in Ballantyne with decades of experience, we know how to solve problems with elegant solutions. Replacing a plumbing fixture is not always as straightforward as you’d hope. Modifications may be necessary to connect the new appliance or fixture.

To avoid leaks, floods, drain back-ups, and other undesirable problems, it’s always best to have plumbing installed by a pro. In Ballantyne, W.H. Hobbs Plumbing is the contractor you can trust for stellar service and quality workmanship no matter how small or large the job.

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