Commercial Water Heater Replacement Ballantyne

Is the water heater at your Ballantyne business not working well enough? Have you noticed problems with rust, leaks, odor, or loud noises? A commercial plumber can help you determine if you need water heater repair or replacement. W.H. Hobbs serves businesses, industrial buildings, and property management teams in Ballantyne with highly trained plumbers who are licensed and certified for commercial water heater installation.

Our technicians can address issues with both gas and electric water heaters, and we are fluent with the latest tankless technology. W.H. Hobbs has been serving the Charlotte area since 1920, and today we are your most experienced and knowledgeable team for commercial water heater services in Ballantyne.

Request an estimate online to schedule service for a commercial or industrial-grade water heater replacement in Ballantyne, NC.

Ballantyne Plumbers for Commercial Water Heater Services

You can extend the life of a commercial water heater by bringing in our Ballantyne plumbers for maintenance and repairs. This can include flushing the tank, cleaning the valves and burners, replacing a heating element, and more.

Many commercial water heaters in Ballantyne need replacement every ten years or so. Some last up to 20 years. You’ll probably need a new water heater installed if the tank is cracked or if you need an expensive repair on a unit that’s already reached the end of its life expectancy.

Major issues that call for commercial water heater replacement in Ballantyne offices, restaurants, hotels, and apartments include:

  • No hot water, or hot water never gets hot enough
  • Water heater is more than 12 years old and needs repairs
  • Water heater never has enough hot water (it’s undersized)
  • Dangerous gas leak problems that keep coming back
  • Hissing, popping, or grumbling noises even after flushing the tank

Commercial Water Heater Replacement in Ballantyne

We train our plumbers to provide the best water heater services in Ballantyne, including for commercial systems. We know that you need a contractor who can show up on time, get the job done correctly the first time, and leave your Ballantyne property with a commercial water heater that works hassle-free for years to come.

W.H. Hobbs can install your choice of commercial water heater or recommend the best replacement unit for your Ballantyne business. We understand the hot water needs of the local industries including retail and office, hotel and hospitality, apartment and condo buildings, restaurants, and more.

We install replacement water heaters in Ballantyne including:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Restaurant water heaters
  • Apartment water heaters
  • And more!

We guarantee your satisfaction with our commercial plumbing work. Our Ballantyne water heater replacements give you a strong warranty and the peace of mind that comes with hiring licensed and certified commercial plumbers.

For more information about commercial water heater installation or replacement services in Ballantyne, contact our plumbing contractors today!