Commercial Water Heater Replacement Concord, NC


From apartment buildings to large office complexes, every business in Concord needs a reliable source of hot water. If you’ve been hearing complaints about a lack of hot water, or your facilities staff needs to deal with leaks or other problems, it’s time to call W.H. Hobbs for a commercial water heater replacement in Concord, NC.

We help our customers choose the best commercial water heater for their particular needs and get it installed as quickly as possible. Your Concord business can enjoy lower maintenance and smaller utility bills by upgrading the water heater. Tank or tankless, gas or electric, our skilled plumbers in Concord can replace a commercial water heater for a long-lasting solution.

To schedule a visit for repair or replacement, or to get an estimate for a new commercial water heater installation in Concord, NC, please call 704-332-1119 or request service online.

New Commercial Water Heaters near Concord

Wondering what to do about a commercial water heater that isn’t making enough hot water? In Concord, NC, you shouldn’t need to keep making repairs or flushing the tank every few months. Your local plumbers from W.H. Hobbs can troubleshoot the problem and make an effective repair—or give you an honest answer about when it’s time to replace a commercial water heater.

We install and replace:

  • Gas water heaters
  • Electric water heaters
  • Tank and tankless water heaters
  • Water heaters for apartment buildings
  • Water heaters for hotels
  • Water heaters for restaurants
  • And more small and large commercial water heaters in Concord!

Concord Plumbers for Commercial Water Heater Replacement

Your next water heater should last for decades. W.H. Hobbs ensures you get the best value from your investment. We can tell if your Concord business needs a larger or stronger commercial water heater to fulfill the hot water demand. We might recommend switching to a tankless water heater for low-cost, on-demand hot water.

If you need to replace a commercial water heater in Concord, W.H. Hobbs can make the process fast and affordable. We provide:

  • Free estimates for all commercial water heater replacements in Concord
  • Water heater repairs to try to prolong your current equipment by removing sediment from the water heater tank, replacing a faulty sensor, cleaning the gas valve, or fixing electrical connections
  • Fast service and on-time appointments to get a replacement water heater installed in Concord as soon as the day you call
  • Licensed, insured plumbers who will remove the broken water heater and install the new one correctly
  • A satisfaction guaranteed from the Concord plumbers you’ve trusted since 1920

Commercial Plumbers for Water Heater Replacement in Concord

When you need a new water heater replacement in Concord, our plumbers are licensed, bonded, and insured to care for your commercial water heater and related plumbing services.

Is it time to schedule commercial water heater services for your business in Concord, North Carolina? For all of your commercial plumbing needs, contact us today!