Commercial Water Heater Replacement Gastonia, NC


When there’s no hot water at home, you can begrudgingly take a cold shower. At your business, you need a steady stream of clean, hot water or else customers and employees will all suffer. At a restaurant or hotel, water heaters are even more of a necessity. W.H. Hobbs has your solution for commercial water heater replacement in Gastonia, NC by our friendly, licensed plumbers.

Many commercial water heaters have a lifespan of only about ten years. We’ll recommend a full replacement when it’s necessary and beneficial for your Gastonia business.

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Commercial Water Heater Replacement in Gastonia

In Gaston County, many buildings have hard water issues that lead to sediment and rust buildup on your commercial water heater. This causes smelly or discolored hot water and also degrades the components.

When maintenance and cleaning do not resolve your hot water problems, our Gastonia plumbers should replace the entire water heater. You won’t have to worry about your commercial water heater again anytime soon, and a new unit will probably lower your bills, too!

It’s also possible that your building’s hot water needs have increased or the water heater was never large enough for the job. W.H. Hobbs can help if your building is always running out of hot water, getting lukewarm water, or fluctuating between hot and cold water.

Commercial Water Heaters in Gastonia, NC

The experienced plumbers at W.H. Hobbs know how to work in commercial buildings. This is important because your mechanical room might have tight spaces, where replacing a commercial water heater can be difficult.

We also know how to help our Gastonia clients get energy-efficient water heaters that are best suited to restaurants, hotels, office buildings, churches, and other types of buildings.

We can install a commercial water heater replacement in Gastonia in your choice of fuel type, sized correctly, and with easy controls for safety and comfort.

  • Commercial gas water heaters – Robust, efficient, and easy to install if your Gastonia business already has a gas line.
  • Commercial electric water heaters – These have become more efficient with modern technology, and easier to install if you don’t already have a gas water heater.
  • Tankless water heaters – Available in gas or electric, a tankless water heater provides instant hot water when you need it. Saves money when you do not need tons of hot water at once.

Since 1920, W.H. Hobbs has taken care of our customers with plumbing repairs and upgrades that help your business run smoothly. We guarantee your satisfaction with our commercial water heater replacement services in Gastonia.

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