Commercial Water Heater Replacement Lake Norman

In the Lake Norman area, businesses trust W.H. Hobbs to handle all their important plumbing installations. That includes commercial water heater replacement services to put an end to the constant repair cycle and make sure your building always has enough hot water. We install commercial hot water systems for small business and offices, as well as robust water heaters for restaurants, hotels, and marinas.

W.H. Hobbs is your fully licensed, bonded, and insured commercial plumber near Lake Norman for all repairs and upgrades. Our technicians have deep experience working with commercial water heaters, and we’ll make a fast replacement to keep your business running smoothly.

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Choosing Water Heater Replacement Services in Lake Norman

Commercial water heaters can be hard to select, but our staff and plumbers will help you make the right call. You know how much hot water your family uses at home, but how do you know what size and type of water heater your Lake Norman business needs?

W.H. Hobbs will discuss the hot water usage at your business and recommend a replacement for your commercial water heater that will minimize your utility costs. Lake Norman businesses need water heaters with the right specs based on:

  • First-hour rating (how many gallons are replenished in an hour)
  • Gallons per minute (how much hot water a tankless commercial water heater can provide)
  • Energy efficiency and estimated operating costs
  • Distance from the water heater to faucets
  • Seasonal changes (e.g., higher demand for tourism season)

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Lake Norman Commercial Water Heater Replacement

As your plumber in Lake Norman, we are qualified to install both gas and electric water heaters. For a storage tank water heater, it’s important that you get a large enough tank and that your pipes are well-insulated. For tankless water heaters, you need a strong enough model so that you don’t run out of hot water in situations where lots of faucets or showers are running at once.

Your Lake Norman plumber will carefully remove any existing water heater and install your commercial water heater replacement according to the manufacturer’s instructions—with everything set up neatly in your mechanical room.

Not sure if you need commercial water heater repair or replacement? We can diagnose any issues and let you know the costs and future outlook of repairing versus upgrading to the latest technology.

Lake Norman Plumbers for Commercial Water Heaters

W.H. Hobbs offers prompt appointment times and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Lake Norman plumbers provide upfront estimates and information, and we show up on time and ready to work.

Our experience with commercial hot water heaters in Lake Norman gives you the right advice and craftsmanship for the job. With almost 100 years of experience, you know you’re getting the best plumbers in the entire Charlotte area.