Commercial Water Heater Replacements in Weddington, NC

If you’re an office manager or business owner in Weddington, NC, you know the importance of having a good plumber you can call for repairs and installations. Let the commercial plumbers in Weddington from W.H. Hobbs diagnose a hot water problem and provide a high-quality water heater replacement if the time has come!

We can replace commercial water heaters, including tank and tankless types, for all kinds of businesses in Weddington. We provide honest advice, friendly service, and skilled installation by licensed, insured plumbers with decades of experience.

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Weddington Plumbers for Commercial Water Heaters

If your Weddington building has no hot water or problems like rust, odors, or loud noises coming from the water heater, you should always ask a licensed plumber for help. There’s a risk of gas or carbon monoxide poisoning with any type of commercial water heater. Replacement or repair should be performed by the certified commercial plumbers in Weddington from W.H. Hobbs.

Ask us for a free quote on water heater replacement or invite us out to troubleshoot a commercial water heater for problems including:

  • Never enough hot water
  • Hot water gets scalding hot
  • Unreliable or erratic hot water
  • Your monthly heating bills are too high
  • The water heater tank needs to be flushed frequently
  • Some faucets or showers aren’t getting hot water

Also, when a commercial water heater is more than ten years old and beginning to show any signs of trouble, it’s best to consider replacement. We can schedule a water heater replacement in Waxhaw at a convenient time so you aren’t stuck with no hot water at a bad time later!

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Our Weddington Commercial Water Heater Replacement Service

Your next hot water heater can be an upgrade, not just a replacement. W.H. Hobbs can recommend a high-efficiency water heater for commercial use, including tankless or demand water heaters that only heat up the water you need.

It’s also important to size a commercial water heater correctly. Too large, and you’ll waste money. Too small, and you end up with no hot water. Our Weddington commercial plumbers can explain what you need in terms of gallons per minute, first-hour rating (FHR), and energy factor (EF).

We install commercial water heater replacements in Weddington for a variety of fuel types and applications:

  • Commercial gas water heaters
  • Commercial electric water heaters
  • Commercial tankless water heaters
  • Instant hot water taps
  • Office water heaters
  • School building water heaters
  • Restaurant water heaters
  • Apartment complex water heaters

W.H. Hobbs has provided outstanding plumbing services in the Weddington area for nearly 100 years. Get the best value for your organization by asking our commercial plumbers to handle your water heater replacement or any repairs and maintenance you need!

For more information about commercial plumbing in Weddington, North Carolina, or to schedule commercial water heater replacement or installation services, contact our plumbers today!