Pineville Water Heater Installation, Repair & Replacement

Water heaters can do their job with gas, electric, or even solar power. You probably have a storage tank water heater in your Pineville home, but tankless water heaters are becoming more popular, too. In any case, the process of burning fuel and heating up tap water puts a strain on any system, so you’ll need Pineville plumbers for water heater repair or replacement from time to time.

W. H. Hobbs services all makes and models of water heaters in Pineville, including AO Smith, American Standard, Bosch, Bradford White, and Rheem. We’ve been keeping your water flowing since 1920 throughout Charlotte, and we’re the trusted team for water heater services in Pineville!

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Our Pineville Water Heater Services

We excel at troubleshooting water heater problems quickly and recommending the most affordable, commonsense solution. W.H. Hobbs always sends you a licensed, bonded, insured Pineville plumber with expertise in the system you have:

  • Gas water heaters: The most traditional source of hot water, a storage tank fills with water and a gas-powered flame heats it to about 120 degrees. Rated by gallons, first-hour rating (how many gallons it can heat from scratch), and energy efficiency.
  • Electric water heaters: These operate just like the gas kind, but electricity heats up a steel or copper element inside the storage tank.
  • Tankless water heaters: These provide on-demand hot water by passing the tap water over a gas or electric-powered heating element. Don’t keep a storage tank filled with hot water, and you save a lot of money!

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Pineville

Cold showers are quite the rude awakening. Other water heater problems include discolored or rusty water or hot water that smells bad. If both hot and cold water have the problem, ask us for plumbing repairs in Pineville. If it’s just the hot water, we’ll inspect and clean your water heater and make all necessary repairs!

Common symptoms of needing water heater repair in Pineville:

  • No hot water
  • Not enough hot water in the morning
  • Water doesn’t get hot enough
  • Rusty hot water or rotten egg smell
  • Pilot light goes out
  • Rumbling, knocking, or squealing sounds

Pineville Water Heater Installation & Replacement

We install top-quality tank and tankless water heaters in Pineville that use your choice of fuel source. In addition to installing water heaters in new homes, we can add a second water heater if you’ve built a home addition or just don’t have enough hot water.

Ask us about water heater replacement in Pineville if routine cleaning and flushing don’t solve your hot water issues or if there’s a bad leak or a significant crack in the tank. Storage tank water heaters last 8–12 years, while tankless water heaters have a lifespan of 20 years or more.

Get a Pineville, NC Water Heater Estimate

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